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S3: Episode 6 – What It Means To Be Free To Serve Others

This season Stephen talked about being free to give and spoke to several clients about what it means to give in their eyes. This episode Stephen transitions to talking about being free to serve.

In this episode, Stephen Stricklin is joined by his client Brad. Brad shares a little about himself and how he gives back to others, and is free to serve. He is chairman of the board at Children International in Kansas City, a humanitarian organization. 

Brad discusses:

  • When he knew it was the right time to retire
  • How he serves both in his community and internationally
  • How you can work through foundations to multiply what you’re doing and how you’re serving
  • A detailed dive into his work and the work of Children International
  • And more


Season 3, Episode 1
Season 3, Episode 2
Children International

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S3: Episode 5 – What It Means to Give Through A Donor Advised Fund

If you’re going to give, there’s a tax-efficient way to go about it, and you may as well take advantage of the smartest way to do so. 

Enter: donor advised funds.

In this episode, Stephen Stricklin is joined by clients Larry and John, who each run a donor advised fund. They discuss how these funds work, and the primary advantages to giving through a donor advised fund. Larry and John share a few details about their own donor advised funds, why they were started and why they like to give.

Stephen, Larry, and John discuss:

  • What a donor advised fund is
  • Three primary advantages to using a donor advised fund
  • Their thoughts about what it means to be free to give
  • And more

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