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S3: Episode 8 – How Creating A Legacy of Giving Back to Others Can Be Passed On

Creating a legacy of serving others can inspire your children and those around you to serve and give back to their community.

In this episode, Stephen Stricklin is joined by his client Bruce. Bruce is a retiree, and formerly worked at Hallmark. In his retirement he has taken up the Wise Wealth mission of serving. Bruce shares the details of his involvement with a community organization and how his father inspired him to give back to others.

Bruce discusses:

  • His background working for Hallmark and how he got into serving
  • How his father influenced his desire to serve
  • Why he encourages others to seek a retirement planner early
  • The freedom his financial plan provides and how that enables him serve
  • And more


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S3: Episode 7 – How Wise Women Embodies The Mission of Wise Wealth With Samantha Compton

Women are a notoriously underserved demographic in the financial industry, even though they are often the ones in the family who make the financial decisions. 

With the Wise Wealth mission to serve in mind, Samantha Compton created Wise Women, LLC.

In this episode, Stephen Stricklin is joined by Samantha Compton of Wise Wealth and founder of Wise Women, LLC. Samantha shares the history of Wise Women and the mission for the organization. She also speaks about what serving means to her, and how she has made a personal commitment to serve.

Samantha discusses:

  • How the pandemic impacted her willingness to serve and why she’s finding the purpose and desire to serve again
  • The types of education events available at the Wise Women meetings
  • Wise Women’s involvement in giving and serving 
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Like the company’s motto, “First Wisdom, then Wealth,” Samantha seeks to educate and empower her clients as she works with them to develop a long-term financial plan.

Samantha works with couples and single women and especially enjoys helping women feel more confident in understanding her financial plan.

Samantha’s credentials include being securities licensed, as well as maintaining both Missouri and Kansas insurance licenses. Additionally, she is a Women’s Investment Specialist and Founder of Wise Women, LLC – an organization that seeks to educate and guide women investors on the path to financial significance where they are free to give, serve, and live like never before.

Outside of work, Samantha enjoys traveling with her husband, Craig, and spending time with their three children, Gabe, Nathan and Lizzy. Samantha has always been a fan of music, and enjoys singing, playing guitar and Karaoke nights with her family!