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S3: Episode 10 – Enjoying Retirement Requires Planning

What does retirement look like to you? How do you plan to enjoy your retirement? 

In this episode, Stephen Stricklin is joined by clients Barry and Linda, who share how they are enjoying retirement, and how planning has made their retirement successful. He is also joined by a client, Jeff, who discusses the plans he and his wife Janie have for their own retirement.

They discuss:

  • Barry and Linda’s experience living in an RV and travelling around the United States in retirement
  • Jeff’s experience living on a lake with his family and what their future retirement plans hold
  • Barry and Linda’s advice for retirement planning and what they wish they had done sooner
  • Jeff shares what he’s been doing to ensure his daughter’s future, and why having a plan is so important
  • And more

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S3: Episode 9 – Give, Serve, And Above All, Enjoy Life With Mark Comfort

Everyone wants to go on vacation. But work often limits the amount of time you can spend away. 

In this episode, Stephen Stricklin is joined by Mark Comfort, owner of Cruise Holiday and Comfort Tours & Travel. Mark dives into the third part of the Wise Wealth mission statement, the ability to be free to enjoy life, and the role of vacations within your retirement goals.

Mark discusses:

  • The importance of saving disposable income for retirement
  • Mental and physical benefits of vacation
  • Why retirees go on more vacations
  • Mark shares his favorite vacation spots
  • And more

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