S2: Episode 10 – Investment Advice from a Chartered Financial Analyst – with Guest Ben Malick

What goes into creating a good investment portfolio? How should you be comparing the investments you want to make? What are the risks? 

We can help you answer all of these questions! 

In this episode, Stephen Stricklin is joined with Ben Malik, vice president of Wise Wealth, as they talk about Ben’s experience with investing and the advice he has to offer. Ben walks us through the most important things you need to know about investing before you get into it. 

We discuss:

  • The significance of the CFA designation and how Ben uses his to manage investment portfolios
  • Building an optimal investment portfolio
  • The basics of the modern portfolio theory 
  • How to evaluate portfolios to a comparable benchmark
  • Ben’s thoughts on the biggest impacts on an investor’s returns (asset allocation, time, investor behavior)
  • Learn about biblically responsible/values driven investing
  • And more!

Tune in now to meet Ben Malick and gain a better understanding of what really lies in the risk of investing. 

Resources: Wise Wealth | Simplify Your Retirement | Stephen Stricklin | Ben Malick