S3: Episode 1 – Recapping Season 1 and 2

Welcome to a brand-new season of Simplify Your Retirement!

In this episode, Stephen Stricklin recaps seasons 1 & 2 of Simplify Your Retirement to get you up-to-date and ready for season 3!  Additionally, Paul Brock, COO for Wise Wealth is reintroduced as our new co-host. Don’t miss this first episode of our new season!

Stephen discusses:

  • A review of the different phases of your investment life; accumulation, preservation & distribution
  • Why a paradigm shift is needed between each phase and which phases have the most risk
  • Understanding all the challenges and risks specific to the stage of your investment life
  • Risks associated to each phase; inflation, average vs real rate of return; sequence of return, healthcare, taxes, long term-care
  • Requirements of a sound retirement plan
  • Discussion of various industry experts included in season 2 that complete the planning process
  • What to look forward to with season 3
  • And more


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