S4: Episode 12 – Is there value in using multiple advisors? Answering Your Financial FAQ’s!

In today’s episode, the last of Season 4, Stephen Stricklin, along with Paul Brock, answer FAQ’s surrounding retirement planning. In addition to their answers in this episode, we encourage you to look back through the seasons to gain more clarity!

One listener asks, “Do you see value in splitting accounts over a few different advisors?” Stephen says with multiple advisors working with the same client, you can end up with similar portfolios, and that may not be as diversified as you’d think. In addition, different advisors have different financial philosophies, Stephen believes in simplicity and consolidation, getting all assets under the same roof. 

A common question Stephen and Paul face is, “Should I have an alternative to bonds?” In this current environment where the interest rates are rising, and the value of bonds go down, ultimately it depends what your plan is. Their suggestion is a fixed indexed annuity, a fixed annuity, or CD’s. In exchange for the liquidity that bonds offer, you get guaranteed principal protection and no downside risk.  

When it comes to retirement planning, someone asks, “How can I build a retirement plan when I don’t know when I will retire?” Stephen suggests picking a date and going from there. It doesn’t have to be set in stone, but it’s best to start putting together a plan sooner than later, to have peace of mind. 

Stephen and Paul Discuss: 

  • Overview of all four seasons thus far. 
  • Addressing questions sent in from listeners 
  • Question 1- “Do you see value in splitting my account over a few different advisors?” 
  • Question 2- “Should I use an alternative to bonds, in this environment with interest rates rising?” 
  • Question 3- “How can I build a retirement plan when I don’t know when I will retire?” 
  • Podcast show taking a break in between season four and season five. Exciting new improvements to the podcast when we resume!

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